What’s new in Angular 5

A new version of Angular is coming out, so what’s new in Angular 5?

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The Angular team is being active in deploying new versions of the framework in a Semantic Versioning way so far since September 2016.

Version 5 is coming, and although a few days delayed mostly for syncing with the different teams and projects; it will bring some new features and great improvements, particularly in performance.

So, What’s new in Angular 5?


  • Reduced bundle sizes
  • Compiler and build improvements
  • AOT compilation as default
  • 3x performance gain by bypassing Zone’s addEventListener to native handler

Ahead of Time Compilation (AOT)

Until now, while compiling or building an Angular application, one always had to add the AOT flag if desired to have an AOT build. With this new version, AOT compilation is active by default on the Angular CLI. This will force developers to have better performant applications by default; at the same time it can increase build times; because of that, it is recommended that during development JIT compilation is used instead.


Progressive Web Apps have been around for some time now. Along with other mechanisms, it allows an application to be delivered optimized for a better and faster mobile experience. Until now this could be done with the help of external libraries but now with the new version, the @angular/service-worker package will take care of all the internal mechanisms and ways to add support for Progressive Web Apps to any Angular application.


With this new version, there will be a few breaking changes, my recommendation, is that you follow up with the official Changelog and read through these changes before you start updating your Angular application.


What’s new in Angular 5 - Release Date

As you can see, by today on the 27 of October, we should have already a new release. These target dates act mostly as references so that all the teams for all the different Angular projects can synchronize and prepare to have a release on these dates.

Still, keep an eye on these dates, it will give you preparation time and awareness for your next updates.

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