“Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro”, a heaven for food lovers in Bangkok

Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro is the tasty new kid on the block for food lovers in Bangkok.

Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro Cheese and Meat Plate
Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro Cheese and Meat Plate

Based on the principles of Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery, which is to provide organic and local products to its customers. With this in mind, Pesca is indeed a market-to-table concept, offering a great selection of fresh products, carefully selected with the help of passionate fishermen, farmers, butchers and cheese artisans. From our amazing seafood, to our juicy steak and organic vegetables and not to mention a luxurious display of cheese and cold cuts. This united diversity opens doors for our talented and prized chefs allowing them to express their full creativity in the kitchen, taking you on a mouth-watering journey.

Source:  http://www.pesca-bangkok.com/

Based on the principles of Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery, the “living the farm” concept arrives in a more extravagant way in Bangkok. Offering a great selection of fresh products, directly from the supplier to your table. We had the chance to try out their amazing food, and now we are in love.

For fans of fresh seafood and fish this is simply a delight, we had the chance to try a bit of everything, and I could not believe the hours we spent at the table just enjoying ourselves.

What really impressed me, besides the amazing food, was the amazing sympathy and dedication of the staff. I know we should expect this kind of treatment when paying for something above the average, but the truth is, it doesn’t always happen, and on this case we were really impressed.

We even learned the beautiful history of the blue cheese you see in the picture above, the Blu’61.

Blu ’61 is an Italian soft blue cheese prepared with pasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese was created in 2011, as a 50th anniversary gift to company owner Antonio and his wife Giuseppina.

It is aged over three months during which the wheels are matured in local Raboso Passito IGT wine and cranberries. With a soft and creamy paste, and a thin red rind layered with berries on top, Blu ’61 has a very striking, distinctive appearance.

Source: https://cheese.com/blu-61/

On one of our recent visits, we were amazed at the seafood tower presented in front of us, the smell of deep sea, the flavors perfected with love that you can taste in every bite.

Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro Seafood Tower
Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro Seafood Tower

These guys are in it for real, if you take a look at their Chefs you’ll clearly understand that they are serious professionals with top experience. From Jériko Van Der Wolf who’s had a tremendous experience, and more recently in 2011 participated in Iron Chef Thailand against Chef Ian to Marco Paceta who’s name resonates through Bangkok foodie scene.

Located off the beaten path, as with all great discoveries, this one we’ll add to our favorites:

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