Chinatown Bangkok – Hub of all things Chinese with Photo Gallery!

Chinatown Bangkok is probably the biggest Chinatown in the world!

Acts as the central hub for Chinese immigrants, thus bringing us a central  hub for food, music and all kinds of commerce imported from China right here in Bangkok.

Yaowarat Road - Main artery of Chinatown Bangkok
Yaowarat Road – Main artery of Chinatown Bangkok

A nice place to get out a bit of Bangkok’s crazy filled city world. Suddenly we felt like being in a completely different city with a completely different atmosphere. Also packed, but gratefully filled by street markets and food stalls.

A little tricky go get there from central Bangkok, I would recommend just call in a Grab or Ubber to get in there.

I recommend taking a full day for this adventure, also, since it’s close to the river, you might want to come back to Bangkok through a nice and relaxing river boat trip.

Somewhat the feeling of walking through this area feels a bit more “old times” than you’ll get in a more modern city, couldn’t see any shopping malls, or tall buildings. Also felt a bit more underground bars and coffees surround this area which is a great feeling to have just close by to a gigantic city as Bangkok. A great place, close by, to just unwind a bit of the city life.

Chinatown Bangkok Gallery

When King Taksin established the Thonburi Kingdom following the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, he enlisted the aid of Teochew merchants, with whom he shared ethnic ties, in supplying his new capital at Thonburi with rice and provisions. In return, he granted them many favours, including land on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, opposite his palace and enclosed by city walls, on which to settle their community. The Teochew prospered under Taksin, at the expense of the previously influential Hokkien, whose community was located in the area of Kudi Chin on the west bank south of the city.

Source: Wikipedia

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