From Lisbon to Berlin and now Bangkok

Moving to Bangkok now, after Lisbon and Berlin, another adventure awaits.

Photo of Lisbon before moving to Bangkok
Lisbon by

“Coimbra tem mais encanto na hora da despedida”

Famous words from a great Portuguese Fado “Balada da Despedida” (the goodbye hour), I would replace “Coimbra”, a beautiful city also, by my own “Lisboa”.

It’s been almost two years since we’ve been in Berlin already, when we were saying goodbye, for sure, Lisbon was at her most beautiful peak of beauty and perfection as we were already looking to Berlin, to a better life quality, to new adventures.

Two years passed, and now we’re moving to Bangkok! What started out as a simple joke in the form of: “This weather is getting into us, we should move to Thailand” quickly became our reality!

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