Software Engineer, Musician, Hacker, Geek.

I have been and am a Software Engineer, Mentor, Musician, Human, Coffee addict.

Me and my awesome wife have been traveling from Portugal to Berlin and now Bangkok; here we are in the hottest city of the world!

It’s been an amazing discovery experience being here since some time now; still much to explore and eat!

Bangkok, Chinatown Food Stall Photo
Bangkok, Chinatown Food Stall

I love music, I was a professional musician, touring around Europe with my band where I sang and played guitar following the steps of my guitar playing father; good times and magic days that music gave me, until I reached the point where I was just not comfortable allowing business dictating what could I or not do with my music, so I’ve stepped away from this world, removed all of my content from platforms such as Spotify or iTunes

Lisbon, Opening Act Before Peter Hook From Joy Division Stage Photo
Lisbon, Opening Act Before Peter Hook From Joy Division

I still create and play of course, and very much more interested in the future of Blockchain for music and musicians with projects such as Ujo or Mycelia, and actively studying and researching to explore my own ideas on it.

I’ve been a computer geek since long I can remember; while young I was particularly interested in destroying computers so that I could just assemble them back again giving tremendous headaches to my parents of course; since then and after discovering programming on an old ZX Spectrum, I’ve never went back!

There’s just something beautiful for me in this tech world that allows me to continuously create something out of the air and explore all my crazy ideas; nowadays I’m playing the role of a team lead for a small web team in an agency here in Bangkok, so, besides some tech articles, I expect to learn and write about leadership, management as it’s something that I’m very much interested also and always learning a lot everyday, particularly learning a lot from the traveling that we’re doing, it’s amazing to see how much the culture does influence everything that one assumes to be and how much that opens your heart and mind and puts a very big perspective magnifier on everything.

Arduino Experiments Photo
Arduino Experiments

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein